Annegret Heinl and Chao-Ming Tung developped the concept of this piece for the opening of the exhibition United Art VI in Cologne 2003.The painter and the musician try to use the rope as a common instrument. In a joint action they paint a picture as well as they play the Gu-Zheng ( string instrument ) at the same moment.

Colour is put on to a large surface of paper; then the painter and the musician pull a rope for and back and wave it together through the colour and over the Gu-Zheng, a Chinese plucked string instrument. In this way they form together the picture and the sound at the same time. There are different sizes of ropes; at first it starts with thin ones, goes on with thicker ones

and at least it comes to an end with a very thick rope. Seven ropes are assigned to seven colours.The last rope is dancing as long as the strings of the Gu-Zhing are breaking – a reference to the process of life itself.